Tasty Cooking Tips

Cooking grass-finished beef is an art well worth learning. Because this beef is naturally leaner, care must be taken in its preparation for the maximum dining enjoyment. Once you learn to cook our beef you’ll never want to eat anything else!

The Perfect Steak

Steaks are best grilled rare or medium rare quickly over a hot fire. Grass-finished beef cooks much more quickly than other beef so take care not to overcook. Our premium-cuts are fantastic properly grilled with just salt and pepper. However, some people like to brush the steak lightly with olive oil or butter while grilling, and others prefer to use their favorite marinade. If you prefer your steak well-done, we suggest cooking it like a roast (see below) — very slowly at low heat in a sauce. You can always finish this precooked steak on the grill if you want that grilled flavor.

The Slow Roast

Roasts are best cooked slowly at a low temperature. For best results, thaw the roast the previous day in the refrigerator. In the morning, brown the roast in a heavy porcelain Dutch oven. Add, onions and a small amount of tomato sauce, paste, or even crushed tomatoes as this helps to tenderize and also creates a rich sauce. Place covered in a 350-degree over for 25 minutes, then reduce heat to 200 degrees. Allow to cook for several hours until fall-apart tender. This may take some planning and organization, but it’s well worth the effort and depending on the size of your family and how hungry they are there may be leftovers for another meal.

Amazing Stir-Fry

Many of our cuts such as round steaks are suitable for beef stir-fry dishes. For best results slice the steak thinly across the grain at an angle. This is easiest if you slice the beef while it is still partially frozen. You can marinade the sliced beef in a mixture of tamari sauce, garlic, ginger and a small amount of any type of citrus juice. Flash-fry the beef in very hot coconut oil, then set aside while stir-frying your vegetables (this will prevent the meat from steaming which results in the yucky “gray meat”). When the vegetables are still brightly colored, remove from the heat and add the beef to the vegetables.

Soup’s On

One of the most economical, satisfying and nourishing meals made with our beef is a homemade soup. Here’s a recipe provided our friend Hal Walter. This hearty braised beef stew can be made in an afternoon. Use one or two meaty soup bones and about a pound of stew beef for the foundation. Spread out the bones and stew beef in a roasting pan and drizzle with some olive oil . . . Braised Beef Stew Recipe.

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