Fuel Your Rocky Mountain Lifestyle

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or hitting the gym, herding cattle or herding kids, you need a handy, high protein snack to keep your energy up while you’re on the go. Sangres Best Beef Jerky gives you the clean, nutritious boost you need bring back your zing.

It’s “just jerky” – How Different Can it Be?

You won’t believe what plenty of sunshine, clean air, crisp mountain water, and an incredible variety of grasses can do to the flavor of beef. This is jerky of a very different animal. (Pun intended!)

Sangres Best Beef jerky is made from premium cuts of grass-finished beef, marinated to tender perfection. Flavorful and succulent, savory and sustainable, Sangres Best Beef jerky is full of high-country flavor and nutrition, exclusively from cattle raised in the lush mountain meadows you can only find in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

What’s Not In Sangres Best Beef Jerky

You care about what goes in your body. So do we. That’s why our jerky will NEVER have:

  • MSG
  • GMOs
  • Carbs
  • Antibiotics
  • Hormones
  • Insecticide or herbicide residue
  • Added nitrates (except those naturally occurring in sea salt)

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Coming Soon: Exciting New Flavors!

  • Piranha Peach – with juicy Palisade peaches and spicy Pueblo chile pequin
  • Bodacious Bourbon – marinated in Colorado bourbon
  • Pueblo Green Chili – with mild Pueblo green chilis
  • Fancy Filet – crafted exclusively from filet and marinated in Colorado port wine


  • Need a nutritious snack for hungry hikers or active athletes?
  • Wish you had an in-demand snack to sell for a fundraiser?
  • Do your employees want healthy options in your company commissary?

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Learn about Sustainability and Ethical Ranching at Music Meadows Ranch (home of Sangres Best Beef).