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Testimonial - Trish W

Taste The Difference!

At Music Meadows Ranch in Westcliffe, Colorado, our rolling mountain pastures and clear, spring-fed streams provide the ideal natural environment for beef cattle.

We treat our cattle right, raising them the way they were meant to live — free to graze our range at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. The result is our premium Sangres Best grass-finished beef that will delight your sense of taste and nourish your body.

Our beef is available any way you like — from fantastic mouth-watering steaks to succulent London broil, brisket and short ribs. We have ground beef available year-round, and also offer tasty pastrami, beef jerky and, of course, our famous jalapeño-cheddar brats.

Our bulk beef packs can help you save money while guaranteeing top-quality beef on hand for both daily meals and those special occasions.

Once you experience our high-altitude grass-finished beef no other will do. Order today and taste the difference for yourself!

...everything is absolutely delicious! The flavor is outstanding; the rib steaks are especially incredible! -Madeleine, Denver

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